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soul-mastery accelerator

the only comprehensive program that will take you from A to Z in your self-mastery journey

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are you

looking for...

  • inner peace that won't escape you

  • expanded self-awareness + intuition

  • freedom from stress + anxiety

  • freedom from mental blockages + limiting beliefs

  • healing from past emotional wounds

  • permission to be unapologetically your-authentic-self 

  • a manifested reality that reflects your inner most desires

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now let me ask you

have you ever felt like this?

  • you don't seem to be making much progress despite taking yoga classes, self-improvement courses and reading self-help books

  • "is meditation working for me? am I even doing it right???"

  • anxiety + stress always creeps up on you

  • can't stay consistent enough to make good habits

  • past wounds always come back to haunt you

  • limiting beliefs are blocking your manifestations  

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here's what's missing...

the reason why even the best self-help books or courses will fail to give results is because they don't utilize the subconscious mind

you've heard that the mind is like an iceberg right? 

95% of brain activity is beyond your conscious awareness

only 5% of the mind is conscious yet that is where most people spend their time in self-improvement...

“until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

carl jung


this is where I come in

I am a hypnotherapist + meditation coach