instant stress relief + return to flow hypnosis recording

instant stress relief + return to flow hypnosis recording



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I see you saying yes to opportunities and working hard to manifest your dream life. But I also know that stress and anxiety can happen to even the best of us. So if you are currently in the midst of the storm, this recording is for you.

This hypnosis recording is intended to help you find immediate stress relief and to help you return to a state of flow. We will be integrating the PMR technique which in it of itself has been proven via numerous studies to reduce cortisol levels and transform gene expressions . We will also be integrating visualization, breathwork and NLP techniques to help you anchor the state of relaxation and flow into your daily life.


This recording is best done right before sleep and it recommended that you repeat the process ideally everyday for the next 30 days for lasting results.


(If you are new to hypnosis, know that there is no reason to be fearful. Rather than a loss of control, you are going to regain control of yourself and your life. You are going to feel a strong sense of relaxation, and a complete blissful letting go of all your worries and thoughts.) 


*This is a digital download. You will receive a link to download the recording in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.