My inner work journey began at the age of 16.

hi there!

my name is

Ediya Daulet

I am an intuitive healer and meditation mentor. I'm here to help you discover lasting inner peace.

and here's a little bit about my journey.

at the age of 12, I discovered the secret...


I was born in Xinjiang, China to a Muslim Kazakh family. We moved to Canada to escape the growing humanitarian crisis.


As immigrants, we lived with a scarcity mindset concerned with trying to make ends meet. Discovering the Law of Attraction would prove to be a life defining moment for my family and I.


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growing up, I struggled with social anxiety...


I began using self-hypnosis and guided meditations on Youtube at the age of 16 to self-medicate. 


To my surprise, my social anxiety actually began to lessen. So I continued on the path of meditation which led me to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and mindfulness.

...the dark night of the soul...


In my second year of university, I experienced sexual assault. It threw me into a really dark place for many months to come.


With severe depression, I spent months in bed without the desire to do anything. I went from a straight A student to failing school. I no longer recognized myself. But you know what they say, when you hit rock bottom you can only go up. I was pushed so far to the edge that I had only two choices. To give up, take the fall and say goodbye to life. Or battle through it and choose life. 

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I decided to choose life...


In the years that followed, I completely dove into spirituality and self-mastery.


  • I went to live in an ashram and became certified in Hatha Yoga

  • I began going to Vipassana silent retreats 

  • I received Reiki attunements and began practicing Reiki

  • I studied and received certifications in hypnotherapy and NLP

  • I perfected manifesting and the teachings of Abraham Hicks

  • I discovered Shaivic Tantra which took me deeper into myself than any other practice before that

  • I began energy reading and energy work

  • I released past life traumas, generational traumas, and childhood traumas

I travelled full-time around the world...


I manifested money and jobs out of nowhere. I fell in love with people, places and life.

I went from almost choosing to give up on life to living in absolute bliss. I went from self-loathing to self-loving, scarcity and lack to manifesting abundance. Most importantly, I went from mind-level chaos to soul-level awareness. 

I've tried what works and what doesn't...


I have personally tested everything out there and now I want to be of resource to you.


I want to help you accelerate your self-mastery journey using methods that will give you results like the way they did for me. I understand what you are going through. I have been there and I want nothing else in the world than to guide you towards your own self-mastery.

remember I used to be a girl who was too anxious to even speak in class...


Now I am a successful content creator on Youtube, a meditation coach and a hypnotherapist.


Isn't it funny that my biggest fear became my biggest asset? So take it from me, you are capable of so much you have no idea.


my qualifications

  • Certified Professional Hypnotist 

  • approved by and a member of ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner 

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT200)

  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

  • Certified Shaivic Tantra Yoga Teacher

  • Power Yoga Assist Certified

why work with me

In my sessions, you can expect Jungian transpersonal psychology, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and Tantric spirituality. In combination, I will help you achieve

self-mastery effectively.

I am passionate about helping you get results and I want to empower you into becoming your own healer and teacher. Like my mentor used to say, "my job is to get myself out of a job." This path does not have to be a long confusing and arduous process. It can be effective, efficient and evidence-based